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At Recapital, it has been our commitment since inception to ingrain and express that we care for others, meaning the community.  As part of the community, the firm expresses such concerns through a series of intensive and interactive philanthropic initiatives.  The initiatives are hence the realization of our social responsibility to the community we live in and live with, that we feel the need to embrace many layers of Indonesian society, especially those in need of special attention.  

We have worked with Bina Swadaya, a non-governmental organization, whereby Recapital has assessed training needs for the area of Cijapati, near Bandung, and will continue with the second phase in reaching Cijapati’s goal to be self-reliant.

We also work closely with the Losari Foundation which at present  is a part of the Recapital Amanah Foundation.  This foundation dedicates itself to the promotion of sustainable community development in Yogyakarta and Central Java.  Over the years, the Losari Foundation has developed both short and long-term programs by focusing on reviving batik museums, developing a batik center near the Losari Coffee Plantation, etc.

For further information regarding the Losari Foundation, link to http://yayasanlosari.org/