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Over the years, Recapital’s business portfolio has grown in accordance with its mission. With this in mind, it is important to implement a clearly-developed organizational structure. For Recapital, good corporate governance (GCG) plays a role in the way the entire workforce operates. GCG is essential in determining the management of resources business management as well as enhancing the managerial responsibility to all stakeholders. Recapital has build its reputation as a trusted, dynamic, and innovative financial institution through a continuous process of improving and enhancing everything from its organizational structure, to its standard operating procedures, to all system and infrastructure.

Our disciplined approach to management, in turn, has enabled Recapital to sustain its growth in the midst of the global recession. Recapital implements GCG in line with the best national practices, and ensures that all of the firms’ activities are conducted with the highest level of professional integrity and business ethics. 

Our professionals in all subsidiaries and divisions work within clearly defined parameters and standard operating procedures. These procedures emphasized transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, and fairness (TARIF).  Risk management controls are an integral element of the system, therefore, the CGC committee ensures that all policies are adhered to and conform to prevailing laws and regulations. We consistently strive to win the trust of our clients, our business partners and the regulatory authorities.