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Having transformed from a boutique advisory firm to one of Indonesia’s largest investor, Recapital has also transformed large companies in the most strategic sectors for the country’s economic development, with the focus of creating competitiveness and employment.

The group’s diverse investment holdings are divided into financial and non financial sectors.

Recapital Advisors has been awarded by the Indonesian Government through the Ministry of Finance as "The Best Company in Revitalization Program" in August 2006.

Financial Sector

Our financial sector covers finance, banking and insurance, taking advantage of Indonesia’s growing middle class, small entrepreneurs and medium enterprises which increasingly shoot up demand for corporate and personal financial management.

Industrial Sector

The non financial sector group has a one common belief and goal: to turn Indonesia’s richest and largest potential into the most valuable impact for the people and the economy. After the Asian Financial Crisis, three industry sectors are underdeveloped and in need of quick catching up in order for the country to compete on the global market. These industry sectors include: infrastructure, natural resources, tourism and the media. Under these industry sectors, Recapital chose to invest in water utility, hospitality and media business.