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THE ACUATICO GROUP is an ASEAN-focused investor, developer and operator of water infrastructure projects in Southeast Asia.  It established its head office in Singapore in 2006. 

In 2007, Acuatico began cooperating with the Indonesian government to provide production, distribution, management and technology services to provide clean water for the eastern half of Jakarta.

In 2008, Acuatico signed a 25-year concession with the Tangerang Regency of Indonesia, as the first private participant in the Public Private Partnership (“PPP”) program for water infrastructure in Indonesia. 

In 2009, Acuatico set up another subsidiary in Indonesia as a general water infrastructure service and special project company for industrial water supply.

In 2010, Acuatico expanded its operations to Vietnam, establishing a water service company and acquiring interests in both the largest bulk water treatment and supply company and the water distribution utility serving the Southwest area of Hanoi.

In the same year, Acuatico expanded its operations in Indonesia further by commencing the construction of a water treatment plant and supply of clean water for the Rasuna Area Development.

Today, Acuatico continues to seek opportunities and expand its operations in Southeast Asia, capitalizing on its experience and resources, partnering with public and private stakeholders, to achieve the goal of improving access to clean water for the people of Southeast Asia.


In order to fulfill clean water supply to the customer in the operation area, Aetra produces water that meets drinking water quality standard at two Water Treatment Plan (WTP)

One of Aetra commitment is by applying international standard which has been signed by granted of ISO 9001-2000’s version certification from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) for Operational Management System. International standards for computational safety and health have also been applied by Aetra since 2004. Currently Aetra is preparing to upgrade the standard to active ISO 9001 – 2008’s version.


PT Aetra Air Tangerang will build the clean water processing and distribution system with total capacity of 900 liter/second, to serve 72,000 connections. The company will serve both domestic and industrial customers with fully drinkable water.

The company aims to provide the highest quality service to the citizens of Kabupaten Tangerang and uphold the standards of the Acuatico brand.


A water supply network for the Southwest area of Hanoi with the objective to build a complete transmission, distribution and service network to receive fresh water with capacity of 300,000 to 1,200,000 m3/day-night from Song Da Water Plant and supply such fresh water to consumers in the Southwest area of Hanoi.


An integrated specialized water infrastructure to supply potable water at Rasuna Epicentrum compound .

The company supplies drinkable water quality with Reverse Osmosis (“RO”) technology to Rasuna Epicentrum compound and future developments.

for further information click www.acuatico.co.id, http://aetra.co.id